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Advantages of getting a home from Pinnacle Duxton

Pinnacle Duxton is a name that formed the buzz amongst realtors, analysts, celebrities and even the common man. Why has this name got so much to its credits? Taking into consideration its unique and creative way of building homes, offices, and the like, Pinnacle has gone a tad bit farther.

All About The Pinnacle At Duxton:

Pinnacle Duxton Singapore is widely spoken and appreciated for its creativity and iconic features. Built with lightweight concrete, the walls can be reconstructed and recreated as per the beautification needs of the residents, or the spacing constrains. Also to its credits, Pinnacle holds two prestigious awards, and also stands tall at a historic district. All this and much more makes Pinnacle at Duxton a special property.

Resale Of The Property

After the minimum occupation period at the Pinnacle Duxton, one needs to sell their property. For this, the main criterion is to find a good real estate agent. One can do a quick online search to find out the best realtor in the area. Most of the agents are registered on various property sites and it is easy to identify them from these websites. Place your property details to the realtor, and find out if it is easier for you to sell the property. If not, the realtor would set a few ethical guidelines for you to concentrate on and sell the property. If you are going for a Pinnacle Duxton rent, the real estate agent will help you with the legal formalities that would help you deal with the rent.

Eligibility To Buy Resale Property

To buy one of the units from Pinnacle Duxton Singapore, one needs to ensure that they fall under the guidelines drawn by the Housing Development Board or HDB. The first one is called the public scheme, which means one is going to buy the flat with their family, parents, siblings, or children under legal custody, care and control, in case of divorced or widowed. One can also get the flat with their fiancé or fiancée or as a single person as well.

There is a joint singles scheme, which allows maximum up to 4 applicants, to sign up for a resale flat at Pinnacle. There is a non-citizen spouse scheme that allows one to buy the resale flat with their husband or wife who is not a Singapore citizen. This scheme is also available for people with families who are not Singapore citizens, like the parents might not be citizens of Singapore. There is also an Orphans scheme, and a conversion scheme.

Free consultations and estimations

When you contact a realtor, before buying a property, you do not want to shell out money. This is why many of the realtors always give out free estimates and consultations. This would help the prospective person to buy a property at ease. Free estimates would help you weigh the property, and free consultation would help you garner more information about the property and its correct value with no hidden rules.